I decided to start this blog and website now because I am setting out on an adventure that I think others might enjoy. This fall, in late September and October, I'm going to travel and paint in the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia, one of the last strongholds of the endangered snow leopard. My paintings will be executed in situ, in landscapes inhabited by the elusive cat. Hopefully, the journey, the paintings, and the blog will help focus attention on this beautiful and endangered creature. Why landscape paintings?  The leopard, in spirit, is the land. When they disappear, the land loses a vital entity, a piece of itself.  People don't understand that animals are not objects in a landscape. They are the land itself, expressed as living things. The environment is the leopard. The leopard is the land, two essences inextricably linked, both mysterious, beautiful, and threatened. I will be in the land, too, painting what it is to be, there. The paintings will be sold and auctioned upon return from the expedition to raise money towards snow leopard conservation. 

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