I want people to support snow leopards by going to snowleopardconservancy.com and donating. It's that simple, really. We can do big things. It's easier than you think. We don't have to all devote our lives to living in the rainforest fighting off loggers, botflies, and the runs. We don't all have to haul our sorry butts over icy, ragged cliffs trying to gather dried-up old poop. There are zillions of us. All we have to do is notice little things, change little things, and big things will change.

 I understand that we all have lives, and that we can't all let the needs of a needy world absorb our every day. Who would run the cable channels? I know we can't all be crusaders. What I don't understand is doing nothing. If you believe that there are forces at work around you, forces that are "good" and forces that are "evil," how could you be neutral? Would you really be willing to roll the dice, fifty-fifty, on a vast universal conflict between good and evil? Wouldn't you want to just slip a pinkie onto the cosmic scale and give a tiny push? Just a little nudge?

Consider my Mongolian escapade. It's virtually nothing in the face of the scale of the problem engaged here, a problem involving changes in land use, in population distribution, in the mega-commercialization of cashmere products, and a dozen other daunting forces aligned against the good. And who am I to presume to affect this? I'm nobody in particular to the dedicated conservationists who work in Mongolia, including my advisors at snowleopardconservancy.org

But, IF I'm going to Mongolia, and IF I want to get up into remote untouched back-country, and IF I like painting in the first place, why not do something productive with my trip, a small increment of effort above the effort I would expend anyway just to go?  Why not turn the whole thing into an effort to protect the very areas I want to be in, by protecting the creatures that define the area itself? What's the harm in trying?

I'm willing to submit that the extinction of a species is a form of evil; therefore, I intend to nudge for good. I have no idea how much value I will add, but it will be more than zero. Maybe some of you, readers, who follow the effort will be inspired to do more than zero. I hope so. Great changes are set into motion from small incidents. Just nudges. Just pinkies on the scale.

If you have a pinkie to spare, you know where to put it.

The Snow Leopard Conservancy, snowleopardconservancy.org ... my partners on this expedition. Look'em up online. There is a donation link. I suggest you use it to nudge the scale, even just a bit. When donating, please tag the memo to let them know it's under our flag. "Joe Rohde, Leopard in the Land Expedition." They take checks, too, which also have that little spot for notes. We are all very curious to see how effective this effort can be. I may be freezing my cheese on my painting trip in Mongolia, trying to raise a buck, but you, all of you, are likely to be more effective than I could ever be just by scrolling and clicking at home. Do it. Pinkie swear, and also check out this video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15RdONAFvlU&feature=youtu.be


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