Most of the time, having a big collection of tribal earrings hanging from the side of my head is no big deal. I don't really notice them, and pretty much forget that they are there. For the most part, I only hear about people staring from others who are with me and notice it. I am almost never aware of being stared at. Once in a great while, someone will act towards me in an antisocial way that I assume is commonly experienced by marginalized people: refused service, pushed off sidewalk, aggressive or openly insulting remarks, beer cans thrown at you from moving vehicle, but this is very rare. So rare that it always surprises me. Otherwise, I might quit. I don't want to upset people, even intolerant dicks.

 However, the earrings do not just attract human attention, negative or otherwise, and the attraction they have for non-humans is, in a way, more dangerous. The earrings are shiny. Certain creatures really like shiny things. When they encounter these shiny objects, such creatures, like this conure, try to take them. This is usually done with mouth parts, since most creatures who might end up near your shoulder don't have hands. The mouth parts of a conure, like other pssitacines, parrots, macaws, cockatoos, etc. are really strong and sharp. I have come very close to having my entire earlobe nipped off. This photo was posed, and not posed for long either. By the way, this problem occurs when snorkeling as well, and could be really disastrous, as my earrings are about the size of a lure one would use for a good sized, fast-swimming game fish,

Iike a barracuda.

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