I wonder if the reason snow leopards only occur in high, precarious places is because all the flat land used to be filled up with tigers. Tigers used to be everywhere. In the old days, meaning, up until about a hundred years ago, tigers ranged from the Siberian shores of the Pacific ocean into Turkey and all through Persia, India, South East Asia and Indonesia. Nowadays, not so much. If you think snow leopards have it hard, try being a tiger. Everybody wants a piece of you. Literally. As few wild snow leopards as there are in the world, there are fewer tigers. And really, there used to be thousands and thousands if not hundreds of thousands. A few species are extinct. The teeny Bali tiger is gone, the last one shot in 1937. The Caspian tiger died out in the 1970's, when I was in high school, died out as in, bang bang you're dead, died out. Same with the Javan tiger. Really, the South China tiger should be considered extinct, since none exist in the wild. Tigers may be on the way out, supply and demanded to death by the lucrative trade in illegal wildlife parts. Snow leopards at least live in places that eat up your profit margin. Location, location, location...

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