A few results from the expeditiion. The ending gallery show was a sucess, we ran late due to being stuck in the Gobi waiting on our plane to return to the Baatar. While waiting we enjoyed a meal overlooking the city of Dalanzadgad. There were a couple hundred people over the course of the day. It was really great to see the works displayed so nicely, Gantuya (gallery owner) is a consummate expert at her craft. We gave her less than three days to conceptualize the organization of the space, restretch ten large canvanses, frame twelve other works of art, arrange food, entertainment, and potential buyers and the result was truly beautiful. The last time we saw the paintings they were loose flaps of canvas on a floor, here they were lit and presented splendidly. People seemed to really sense the wild undercurrent and feel that in the paintings. Jalsa Urubshorow provided the khoomi singer and performance artist, both of which went on late enough for us to catch as we scrambled in fresh from the airplane, still in our Gobi expedition clothes. They added depth, weight and even spectacle to the evening. As the evening wound down, we made speeches, I was touched by the sincerity and enthusiasm expressed by Jalsa, Gantuya and Dr. Munkhtsog. Though too brief, the evening showed what this work could do and be. I'm anxious to see what we can do back home. Check out the rest of the painting on the Facebook page here.

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