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Please don't send Disney-related proposals. They will be deleted without being read.

This is the Joe Rohde personal site. It's not a Disney page, and in fact, I will try as much as possible to avoid reference to the Disney Company out of respect for a certain separation of powers. I ask that you do the same. There are great sites created by the Disney Company and by fans. They are perfect forums for discussing Disney-related projects, but I hope to make this site more of a retreat from all that. So, please don't send Disney-related proposals, no matter how tempted you may be. I cannot read or reply to any submissions of ideas or concepts for parks, resorts, rides, games, attractions, movies, etc. I must delete any of this without reading. They may be great ideas, and I encourage you to develop and explore them, but I cannot see them.

My time to invest in this page is carefully budgeted, so I will weigh the personal subjects, writing, art, travel, much more highly than work-related subjects. I can write any Disney blogs I need to at work on the clock. This stuff I have to write in bed after everyone else has gone to sleep. So help me stay on task by keeping the Disney stuff on Disney sites. Thanks.

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