Met with Guntuya Badamgarav, the owner of 976 Gallery. She's a lean, handsome woman with delicate hands, very friendly, sincere, clearly interested, but also strategically engaged in how to make this an event. I confess I am a bit intimidated by the quality of the gallery art displayed. Very very good indeed. Twenty eight year old who paints like a Russian realist from 1895.  Stunning.
Knowing that my images will hang in her gallery, even for one night, brings an extra sense of obligation to the work. She is graciously providing this space under unusual circumstances, so that all the profits can go to Snow Leopard conservation. This journey has already brought me into contact with many people wanting to make similar contributions. It's an interesting moral lesson in the gravity and attraction of a simple gift. A community is forming around this action, which will help toile it effective. This too is a lesson. You don't need every answer to begin. You need a sense of purpose so that you can know when you've found allies and opportunities. Others will pick up the wheel once you've started it rolling. Start anything.


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