Not everything, but a start.

I'm an artist and designer with a steady job in the theme park and resort world. I spent my childhood on the island of O'ahu just inland from Waikiki, at a time when Hawai'i had just become a state. It was not your typical childhood, nor your typical neighborhood, but it was a good start on a strange path. From there, we moved to Southern California, where I've lived in one place or another for almost half a century. All my life I've been around the world of theater and illusion. My father was in the film industry. My mother trained as an actress. I have drawn and painted since I was younger than I can remember. I've traveled extensively in Europe, Africa and Asia, a bit less so elsewhere.

About This Blog

This site is my personal space, in which I hope to explore aspects of my life which lie apart from my position as a design leader in a major entertainment company. Good teachers rescued me from delinquency and I am grateful. Once, I was a teacher myself, and have never overcome the urge to transmit information I consider valuable. Through these images and ideas, I hope to offer what knowledge, opinion, and insight I can to those who are interested.

Lots of stuff will happen here. I hope to test the waters as an artist and see if my vision can sustain itself independently. I will tell stories. My stories are not all harrowing travel adventures, but some are. I will talk philosophy. My philosophy of design is a philosophy of behavior as well. I believe that others would benefit from it and I will share as I go along. There will be editorials, tales, pictures, paintings, ideas. This site is not an extension of my professional life, but an alternative. We'll see how that goes.

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